I don’t have many pictures of just myself but in case you were wondering i am the one in the white shirt

Hello world and whichever very attractive and intelligent individual happens to be marking this for MDIA5003. I am a student at UNSW studying a Masters in Journalism and Communication. Also an avid rugby player, although i am finding it harder to watch Wallabies games in their current state. At the moment i am writing for Green and Gold Rugby and hope to transition into a sports journalism career and then maybe branch off from that to write feature articles, which i find a lot more interesting. Hopefully you like these articles so far, i tried to make them humorous at times but with some in-depth analysis. I find writing the blogs pretty fun and maybe when i’m free of uni i will write some about some less academic subjects like the upcoming Neutral Milk Hotel concert or the quandry of ‘the last of us 2’. Vacation-worthy blogs.


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